Blame the board, not the manager

God forbid this season also goes downhill, but if it does, remember this transfer window.

Transfer windows are a crazy period. A club the size of United, every second player is linked to us, whether they’re available or not. Hopes of millions are raised, and dashed quite expertly in a matter of hours. Some players depart, and we have fresh blood to replace them. But that’s the main problem I want to talk about now, and it’s something we all address as a club. The fresh legs on the field are just not enough at the moment.

Let’s talk about the window that just passed. We made progress by selling some old players, we have exciting new freshmen like AWB and Daniel James who have a lot to prove, we have experienced players like Maguire and yet another transfer windows that Jones survived! How does he do it?

However, that is so visible inadequate. When we let go of someone like Herrara in a crucial midfield position, a position that was already lacking creativity most of the time, it’s very obvious that we needed not just replacements, but further reinforcement there. It’s an absolute shocker that neither happened. The lack of proper gameplay when we don’t have Pogba is evident. Matic is ageing, and I dare say, unreliable. Fred and Pereira have quite a way to come before they’re first XI regulars, and as marvellous as McTominay is, he’s 22 and we can’t pressurise him much, much less rely on only him day in and day out.

We needed a signing desperately, but got none. That’s entirely the board’s fault. Ed Woodward’s incompetence to complete signings has risen up yet again, and somehow he’s still the one pulling the trigger.

A club of this ambition must be aiming for every trophy we can, and that journey would be a path of fatigue for the players, and injuries. We lack the squad depth to deal with that. Therefore, later in the season, if ever we lack the gameplay to compete, don’t point the fingers at the manager, point them at board. Ole deserves every chance he can get, and truthfully, should’ve gotten the players he wanted considering we sold Lukaku and freed up the wage budget of his, Herrera and Valencia.

Any further blame on the manager is going to end up exactly like the past 3 times. A sacked manager, a broken team, a clueless Woodward and richer Glazers. So anytime you feel frustrated that the attack is lacking, feel that Pogba can no longer continue carrying the team, or that Jones’ mistake led to another goal, don’t blame the manager for his tactics, don’t blame him for his team selection, just remember the transfer window we just had, and blame the board.

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