Why Woodward Wont Win Us Anything.

Ed Woodward took over from David Gill in 2013 after the former announced his retirement following Sir Alex Fergusons departure. Gill was a huge part of United and SAF’s success so his successor was never going to have it easy. That said Woodward has done a far from stellar job. This has led to hatred for him throughout United’s fanbase. In fact it is one of the few things United fans can agree on these days. It does beg the question, how can MUFC ever progress as a club with Woodward at the helm. Considering the fact it looks as if he is here to stay in the short term at least, the question needs answering. 

Often perceived as the Glazers puppet, it has always appeared as if Woodward cares far more about the commercial side of Manchester United. He treats it as a business rather than a club, something that infuriates fans who simply do not care for the multitude of sponsorships he acquires every year. Indeed, the business side of United is where he excels and even the most staunch Woodward hater would have to appreciate his talent in this area. And it is a necessary area. In order for United to make the big money moves that we expect, we need to be bringing money in. There is no doubt Woodward brings money in as even in recent times, which have been some of our bleakest in the last 30 years or so, our stock price and total club worth has risen no end, culminating with our 7th spot in biggest sporting clubs. This is not all Ed, but he has helped us in this regard.

The issue is what he does with this money. Too often the money attained by our club is not transferred into areas the fans see fit. This is a travesty, after all football is all about the fans. The commonly known idea that the Glazers and Woodward line their own pockets with Manchester United money is rather accurate as the Glazers have taken out 1 Billion pounds from United and Ed Woodward’s salary has doubled during years we haven’t prospered. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fans as one of the #FiveKeyQuestions asked of the Glazers was how is that possibly fair.

As a club we strive for greatness and at the moment if we want greatness, we must catch up with our two biggest rivals, City and Liverpool. But how is that even theoretically possible when in the time we have had a billion pounds stolen from us by the Yanks in charge, our noisy neighbours have had one billion injected by their trusty Sheikh, since 2008, who’s funds are seemingly endless. Although my concerns seem to be aimed at the Glazers, do not let Ed off the hook. He stands for what they do and makes it easier for them. He is their frontman and part of the reason why they have been able to paralyse us into mediocrity. 

At the time of writing although Harry Maguire looks a done deal, the interest in Dybala and Fernandes has seemingly cooled. At one stage it looked like an Ed Woodward ‘masterclass’ was upon us as we looked set to bag all 3 crucial players. However, in typical Woodward fashion, getting neither Bruno nor Paulo looks most likely. There is simply no excuse for this. We are the among the mightiest clubs to have ever existed and as fans we have been promised a rebuild. What rebuild? We are yet to look like releasing any of the deadwood that sucks the life out of our team. And we all know, deep inside, that Ed is far more interested in acquiring a big name that will go on the back of shirts in Singapore than players that Ole needs to take us forward. A Woodward masterclass to disasterclass in no time at all.

A man who could do far better than Woodward in my view.

I don’t like to be this negative but Ed Woodward is not capable of running a bath never mind the footballing side of a FOOTBALL club like United. Let him meet with all the tyre sponsors and hair gel partners he likes just keep him away from any transfer negotiations, he has let too many managers as well as fans down in his short time at the helm. The sooner we find someone to fill his role who is actually qualified the better. Paul Mitchell is the ideal candidate. Refer to my previous article for more on him.


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