#FiveKeyQuestions Trends Worldwide, No.1 in the UK

An open letter addressed to the Manchester United owners, the Glazer family, spread like wildfire across social media last night in Manchester United fans’ latest attempt to force the Glazers to take notice of their discontent. The storm started on Twitter, which saw the letter originally posted by the #GlazersOut Movement, @GlazersOutMVMT. Tens of thousands of United fans followed suit, including some particularly large Manchester United fan base accounts such as Full Time Devils, The United Stand, Utd Xtra, Totally MUFC, The Man Utd Way, Simply Utd, Man United Media and Out of Context Manchester United, who between them amass well over 1.1 million followers.

The huge support of the letter lead to #FiveKeyQuestions becoming the no.1 trend in the UK, with over 50,000 tweets, as well as trending on the worldwide stage. The support of the movement didn’t go unnoticed either, as multiple large UK news outlets including The Sun, The Telegraph and Daily Mail picked up on it and reported the news nationally.

Here is the letter in full:

The letter, which outlines United fans’ discontent with the direction the club is heading in, as well as questions multiple decisions made by the Glazers over their years at the club, can be seen as a categorical success at this stage. To trend worldwide, as well as achieving coverage from some of the top UK news outlets, which will ensure it gets plenty of attention. Particularly that of the Glazer Family, who you would think would be affected by all this negative press, which has been a reoccurring theme this summer, and is certain to continue into the new season.

The letter wasn’t the only thing United fans were begrudgingly sharing between them last night, however. On MUTV’s latest instalment of the Paddy Crerand Show, two separate callers phoned in, in quick succession of each other to raise questions with the hosts regarding the Glazer family, but were quickly cut off before they could finish their sentences, and the show moved on without anymore phone-ins.

United legend Crerand also commented “there’s not a football club anywhere that’s not in debt is there?” in response to one of the callers’ questions, which sparked more rage among the United fanbase, leading to #CancelMUTV to surface again on Twitter. A large amount of United fans echoing their frustration with the clubs avoidance of the issues at hand lead to #GlazersOut to trend worldwide yet again, as well as #FiveKeyQuestions. This story was again picked up by UK news outlet The Sun:

These frustrations from the United fans must be heard by the Glazer family who you would think, or at least hope, will issue a response regarding the #FiveKeyQuestions if they want to protect their credibility in the position they hold at the club, or face an ugly backlash.

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